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Dyads, attraction and entanglement; the particle-wave duality

Arenys de Mar, Catalonia, Spain and Amity, Oregon 2017-19

The Qualia 1+1=1, diptychs, each an exploration of optical attractions and what is perceived as continuity/discontinuity; how 2 may be perceived as 1. Physics reveals that atoms cannot physically touch one another, that they may however achieve quantum entanglementand attraction. To me this is, aside from interesting science, an ontological and perhaps psychological metaphor for being with another, remaining distinct, not melding into one, being in proximity, remaining intact. 

Executed in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Spain, with later work in Amity, Oregon.  They are on pairs of stretched canvas of various sizes, mostly 90cm x 90cm or larger. 


(also see related notes in the page on the Qualia Series 2017 and my current more general Artist Statement)

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